Welcome to the UDoIt Maker Community

What is a Maker?

According to Google’s definition: A Maker is a person or thing that makes or produces something.  e.g. “a cabinetmaker”

UDoIt is a movement where U Do It (not me…, U…, U Do It).  You watch and U Do It.  It’s not that easy and you will most likely require some experience to perform your own work.  That experience can be gained through watching videos, consulting with experts in the field and trying things on your own.

All work that you do yourself can be dangerous.  You are responsible for your own work.  You are responsible for making sound judgment and seeking the advice and consultation of licensed professionals who can perform the work on your home or business.  You are responsible for following all laws in your town, city, county, state/province and country.  Laws can vary from town to town and from county to county.

The video like the one above shows you how to fill out an electric permit for installing a sub panel with some circuits for lights and outlets.  There’s a lot of planning required to do this correctly. This is a demonstration of what it takes to do this.  It requires careful planning in documentation and drawings, calculations and the permission to file a permit.  You need to check with your construction department at your town/city/county/state prior to performing work.  It is advised that you read your local, city, county, state ordinances for construction and code enforcement. This includes reading and becoming familiar with the international construction code and the NFPA 70 National Electric Code. Your construction office will tell you what version has been adopted as it most likely is a version or more behind the latest version (adopting to new standards takes time as it involves updating documents, planning and training of government officials).